Adding a Wheeling System

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Lotto Pro comes with a large selection of wheeling systems. However, you may want to experiment with other systems.


A good resource for other other wheeling systems is the Lotto Genius web site, located at You can also order books with other wheeling systems from our affiliate partner,





To add a wheeling system:


1.From the File menu, select New|Wheeling System.


2.Enter the number of numbers per ticket in the wheeling system in the Numbers Per Ticket box.


3.Enter the number of numbers in the wheeling system in the Total Numbers in Wheel box.


4.Enter the number of tickets in the wheeling system in the Number of Tickets box.


5.Enter the number of numbers guaranteed to match in the numbers match if box.


6.Enter the number of numbers needed to be correct in the numbers are correct box.


7.Enter the numbers for each ticket in the Tickets list. Use the Tab key to advance your cursor after entering each number. Remember, the numbers you are entering are NOT the actual numbers you will be playing. The numbers represent the order of substitution for the set of numbers you will be playing.


8.Click the Save button.




9.Type a name for the new wheeling system in the File name box. Do NOT change the prefix (ASys or FSys) or file extension (a.05 or a.06). For example, if ASysxxx.a06 is displayed in the File name box, you should change the name to something like ASys021.a06. Abbreviated wheeling systems have a prefix of ASys and a file extension of Axx. Full wheeling systems have a prefix of FSys and a file extension of Fxx. The xx indicates what type of lottery game the system is for. For example, a file extension of A06 indicates an Abbreviated wheeling system for a Pick-6 game.


10.Click the Close button to close the New Wheeling System dialog.




If you discover that you have made a mistake after saving a wheeling system, you can edit the wheeling system to make any needed corrections.