Adding a New Drawing

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It is important to keep your drawing file(s) updated with the most recent drawings.





To add a new drawing:


1.Click on the Drawings button or the Drawings menu (shortcut CTRL+A) and then click Add, Modify or Delete Drawings.


2.Click on the Add button.


3.Check to make sure that the drawing date is correct. If the date is not correct, click in the Date box and type the correct date, or click the arrow in the Date box and select a date in the calendar.


4.Enter the numbers that were drawn in the boxes below the date. If your cursor does not automatically advance to the next box, press the Tab key.


5.Click the Save button after you have entered all the numbers for the drawing.



To download up-to-date drawings from our web site:


Double-click on the Update Lotto Drawing Files icon on your Windows Desktop. Select your state or country and then click the Update button.




Lotto Pro can accept dates in different formats such as mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd. The default format is determined by your Windows default date settings. You can change the Windows settings by double-clicking on the Regional Settings icon in the Windows Control Panel, clicking on the Date tab and entering the format in the Short date style box. Lotto Pro only accepts numbers for the day, month and year so format such as dd/mmm/yyyy or mmm/dd/yyyy will result in an invalid date format error.




If you need to enter several drawings at one time, it is easier if you enter the drawings in chronological order from the oldest date to the most recent date. The program will then automatically advance the date to the correct date for each drawing when you click on the Add button.


If you need to enter drawings that are out of date sequence, it is easier if the Calculate Date box is not checked. If the box is not checked, when you click on the Add button your cursor will automatically be positioned in the Date box and the date will be blank.


After you press the Add button and before you press the Save button, you can press the Abort button to cancel any entry that you have made.