Checking Your Tickets for Matches

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Before you check your tickets, you should ensure that your drawing file is up-to-date. Lotto Pro will check the lottery tickets that you have saved with any drawing in your drawing file.


In order to check your tickets, you must first open the lottery for which the tickets were created. For example, if you previously saved some tickets for the Powerball game, you must open the Powerball drawing file prior to checking the tickets.





To check your lottery tickets:


1.Click on the Winnings button or the Winnings menu and select Check for Winning Tickets (CTRL+C).


2.Select a ticket file that you previously saved and click the Open button. A list of the previous drawing dates and the numbers drawn for that date is displayed.


3.Select the drawing date that you want to compare your tickets with.


4.Click the Next button. The tickets that you previously saved are displayed in the ticket list. To the right of each ticket is a number in parentheses that indicates how many matches the ticket had.




5.Click on the down arrow in the Summary box to display a summary of matches for all tickets.


6.You can display only tickets that have a certain number of matches by changing the value entered in the Minimum Number of Matches to Display box. For example, if you enter 3 in the box, only tickets with 3 or matches will be displayed in the ticket list.


7.Click on the Print Tickets button in the toolbar to print the results.


8.To quickly check another ticket file, click the Previous button and then click on the Open Ticket File button on the toolbar.