Creating a New Drawing File

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Whenever a state or country starts a new lottery, or changes an existing lottery, it is usually necessary to create a new drawing file.


Data Solutions provides up-to-date files for all U.S. and Canadian lotteries. Whenever a new lottery game is introduced, you will be able to download the new drawing file .


There will also be a Lotto Pro program change that adds the name of the new game to the Open Drawing File page. You should use the Check for Program Update menu option in the program Help menu to check for a program update. There is no charge for the update if you download it from our web site.





To create a new drawing file:


1.From the File menu, select New|Drawing File. The New Drawing File dialog is displayed.


2.Select the Game Type for the new game.


3.Enter a description of the new game in the description box. This description appears in the main title bar of Lotto Pro when you open the new game.


4.Select the country where the new game is located.


5.If the new game is located in the United States, and it is not a multi-state game, select the state where the game is located.


6.If the new game is an international game and your country is not listed, select Other as the country.


7.Enter the number of numbers drawn in the new game in the Numbers Drawn box. If the new game has a bonus number, be sure to include the bonus number(s) in the total.


8.If the new game has a bonus number(s), enter the number of bonus numbers in the Bonus Numbers box.


9.Enter the highest number drawn in the Highest Number box.


10.Enter the lowest number drawn in the Lowest Number box.


11.Click on the More Game Info tab.





12.Click on the days of the week that the new game is drawn on. This information is required so that the program can automatically compute the next drawing date when adding a new drawing.




13.If the new game has a bonus number(s), click on the Bonus Info tab. Select the number of regular number matches necessary for the bonus number to count. If the new game uses a different set of balls for the bonus number, click on the Allow Duplicates box. Enter the highest number allowed for the bonus number in the Highest Number Allowed box.





14.Click on the Lottery Commission tab. This optional tab allows you to add information pertaining to the Lottery commission for the new game.


15.Click OK to save the information pertaining to the new game, open the new game, and close the New Drawing File dialog box.





If you created a new drawing file for an International game and selected Other as the country, you can open the file by selecting Other as the country in the Open Drawing File page.


If the new lottery name does not appear on the Open Drawing File page, click on the Browse button. A list of drawing filenames is displayed. The drawing filenames start with two letters corresponding to the abbreviation for the state or country. The numbers that follow indicate number of numbers picked and the highest number. For example, the Florida Lotto file is named FL649.DBF. Select the new drawing filename and click the Open button to open the drawing file.