Creating Your Own Smart Number Tickets

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We recommend that you only use this option when you want to play a small number of tickets. It better to create Smart number tickets by selecting a wheeling system if you can afford to play more tickets.





To create your own Smart number tickets:


1.Click on the Tickets button or the Tickets menu and select Create Smart Number Tickets (CTRL+S).


2.Select the option Create your own smart number tickets.


3.Enter the number of smart number tickets your want to create.


4.If you have opened the Powerball, California SuperLotto Plus, Florida Mega Money or UK Thunderball game, you will see a list of bonus numbers with the number of times the number was drawn in the last 50 drawings and the date the number was last drawn. By default, the number at the top of the bonus frequency list is checked and will appear on all tickets generated as the bonus number. If you would like to play other bonus numbers on your tickets, simply place a check mark next to the numbers you want to play.




5.Click the Next button. Boxes display how many Hot, Prior, Cold and Due numbers will be selected for each ticket. Next to each box a percentage is displayed that was derived from a statistical analysis of the last 50 drawings (or whatever value the Drawing Cutoff is set at).


6.If you wish to change any of the values displayed, click on one or more of the boxes and enter a new value. The total for all the boxes must equal the number of numbers drawn in the lottery.




7.Click on the Next button to view your smart number tickets. If you are playing Powerball, Florida Mega Money or the Uk Thunderball game, the bonus number(s) are displayed in the right hand column of the ticket list.


8.To print your tickets directly on bet slips, click on the Print Tickets on Bet Slips button on the toolbar. If this is the first time that you have printed bet slips, a Bet Slip Properties screen will be displayed so that you can enter information pertaining to your bet slip. You should refer to the topic Printing Tickets on Bet Slips for more information. If your bet slips do not print correctly, you should select Bet Slip Properties in the Edit menu and make any need corrections.


9.If you prefer to fill out your bet slips by hand, click on the Print Tickets on Paper button on the toolbar.


10.Click on the Save Tickets button on the toolbar.


11.Type a name for the ticket file in the File Name box. Do not change the Save In box.


12.Click the Save button. This saves your tickets to a ticket file so that you can later check your tickets for winning matches.


13.You are asked if you want to eliminate unlikely tickets by applying filters to your tickets. Click on Yes or No.





Your bet slips will be easier to fill out if the Sorted box is checked. When the box is checked, all tickets will display the numbers in chronological order from the lowest number to the highest number.




The numbers picked for Smart numbers will be different each time. This is necessary so that all your tickets contain different  numbers. However, the percentage of Hot, Prior, Cold and Due numbers picked will always be the same each time.