Deleting a Drawing File

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You may want to delete lottery drawing files that you don't use to free up space on your hard drive. Deleting a drawing file removes the file from your hard disk. However, it does not remove the lottery from the Open Drawing File list.





To delete a drawing file:


1.Make sure that the drawing file that you want to delete is not open.


2.From the File menu, select Delete Drawing File. A list of drawing files that have been installed is displayed. The drawing files start with two letters corresponding to the abbreviation for the state or country. The numbers that follow indicate number of numbers picked and the highest number. For example, the Florida Lotto file is named FL649.DBF.


3.Select the drawing file that you want to delete.


4.Click the Open button. A confirmation message is displayed.





5.Click the Yes button to delete the drawing file.




Whenever a lottery discontinued, we remove the lottery from Open Drawing File and release a program update. You should use the Check for Program Update menu option in the program Help menu to check for a program update. There is no charge for the update if you download it from our web site.