Drawing Summary Chart

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To view the Drawing Summary chart, click on the Statistics button or the Statistics menu and select Drawing Summary Chart/Graph.





The number of drawings included in the Drawing Summary chart is dependent on the setting of the Drawing Cutoff. Each row in the chart represents one drawing, with the date of the drawing displayed in the first column. Each drawing is analyzed to determine how many numbers are in each of the following categories:


Number ranges in increments of 10


Hot numbers


Prior numbers


Cold numbers


Due numbers


Odd numbers


Even numbers


Sum of the numbers


Whether a number is considered Hot or Cold is dependent on the Hot Number Cutoff setting.


At the bottom of the chart, averages and percentages are shown for all the above categories. When you play Smart numbers, the program uses these percentages to pick your numbers. For example, if 50 percent of the numbers picked in the last 50 drawings were Hot numbers, then half of the Smart numbers picked will be Hot numbers.


If you apply filters to your lottery tickets, they should be close to the Averages displayed for odd and even numbers and the sum of the numbers.


If you are playing a lottery that has a bonus number, a Bonus Number Options button is displayed on the toolbar.


When you click the Bonus Number Options button, the Bonus Number Options dialog is displayed with three options for bonus numbers. The default setting is to show statistics for the regular numbers only. The second option is to show statistics for regular numbers and bonus numbers. The last option is to show statistics for the bonus number only.


For example, if you are playing the Powerball game, you could get statistics on just the Powerball by selecting the third option.


Click on the Print button in the toolbar to preview or print the Drawing Summary chart.


Click on the Drawing Summary Graph button in the toolbar to view the Drawing Summary graph.