Frequency Graph

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The Frequency graph displays information from the Number Statistics chart in bar graph format.


To view the Frequency graph, click on the Statistics button or the Statistics menu and select Number Statistics Chart/Graph. Click on the Frequency Graph button in the toolbar.





The number of drawings used to derive the statistics in the graph is dependent on the setting of the Drawing Cutoff.


The horizontal axis of the graph represents the numbers drawn in the lottery. The numbers are displayed below the horizontal axis and in the boxes above the vertical bars.


The vertical axis has different color bars representing the following categories of numbers:


Hot numbers


Prior numbers


Cold numbers


Due numbers


A legend at the bottom of the graph associates each bar color with one of the above categories.


The vertical height of each vertical bar represents the number of times a number has been drawn (Number Frequency). The frequency value is read from the left vertical axis.


Click on the Print Preview button on the toolbar to view how the graph will appear before it is printed. You can also change the page orientation, margins and graph detail.


Click on the Print button on the toolbar to print the graph. If you have a color printer, the graph will print in color.


Click on the Copy to Clipboard button to copy the graph to the Windows clipboard. The graph can then be pasted into any graphics program, using the Paste command in the graphics program.


Click on the Return to Number Statistics Chart button on the toolbar to view the Numbers Statistics chart.


Tip: To make the graph larger and easier to read, click on the Maximize button in the upper right hand corner of the graph window.