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Lotto Pro can generate lottery tickets with three different categories of numbers; Smart numbers, Favorite numbers and Random numbers.


We recommend that if you are just learning to use Lotto Pro that you create your tickets using Smart numbers. The program does all the work for you, and all your tickets will contain numbers that have the best statistical chance of hitting.


Once you are more experienced interpreting the charts and graphs in the Lotto Pro, you may want to play your own Favorite numbers, or a combination of Smart and Favorite numbers.


We don't recommend that you play tickets generated with Random numbers. The option is included mainly so that you compare random results with results obtained from playing Smart or Favorite numbers.


When you generate tickets using any of the three categories of numbers you have two choices as to how the tickets are generated; generate the tickets using the wheeling system of your choice, or generate the number of tickets that you specify.


In most cases it is better to generate your tickets with one of the wheeling systems. When you play a wheeling system, you are guaranteed a prize if a portion of the numbers you play match the actual numbers picked. There is no such guarantee when create your tickets using the other method. Your overall winnings are normally larger when you play a wheeling system because you will have several tickets with winning matches.


You normally choose a wheeling system based on how much you can afford to spend and the prize guarantee associated with the system. If you can only afford to play a small number of tickets, you can apply filters to your lottery tickets to eliminate tickets with unlikely number combinations.