Recording Your Winnings

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It is important to keep a record of your winnings and losses playing the lottery. The information may be required for tax purposes, plus you can tell at a glance how well your playing strategy is working.


We recommend that you create a new winnings file at the beginning of each year. One empty winnings file is included with Lotto Pro (filename LOTOWINS.DBF).





To record your winnings:


1.Click on the Winnings button or the Winnings menu and select Record Winnings (CTRL+W).


2.Select the winning file LOTOWINS.DBF or another winnings file that you previously created. Click on the Open button.




3.Click on the Add button.


4.Enter the date in the Date box. You can also click on the arrow in the Date box to select a date using the calendar.


5.Press the Tab key to advance to the Comment box. The Comment box is normally used to record how you created your tickets (Smart, Favorite or Random) or what wheeling system you used. Enter a comment.


6.Press the Tab key to advance to the Amount Won box. Enter the amount won for the date entered.


7.Press the Tab key to advance to the Amount Lost box. Enter the amount lost for the date entered.


8.Click on the Save button to save your entry. The program will total all your entries and display the results under Total Won and Total Lost.


9.Click the Print Winnings button on the toolbar to print your entries.




When adding a new entry, you can click on the Abort button any time before you click on the Save button to cancel the entry.




To delete an entry, select the entry and then click on the Delete button. Click on the Yes button when you are asked to confirm the deletion.