Repeating Triples Chart

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To view the Repeating Triples chart, click on the Statistics button or the Statistics menu and select Repeating Triples chart.





The number of drawings used to derive the statistics in the chart is dependent on the setting of the Drawing Cutoff.


The number of occurrences are listed in the drop down box from the largest to the smallest. Click on the down arrow to display other occurrences. The number in parentheses indicates how many triples were found for a particular occurrence.


When you click on an occurrence, the triples that were found for that number of occurrences are displayed in the Triples list.


If you are playing a lottery that has a bonus number, an Include Bonus # box is displayed. If the box is checked, bonus numbers are included with regular numbers when searching for repeating triples.


Click on the Print button in the toolbar to preview or print the Repeating Pairs chart.